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  • Unmatched expertise around data:

    Twelve years of book industry relations around data. That's NetRead. The first company to create a software app. for conversion of title information to the book-industry XML data standard: ONIX.

    Getting started is simple...

    Click the GETTING STARTED tab above for more details. To sign up for an account right now, fill out the form to the right under Sign Up NOW...

    A continual focus upon the business of book publishing:

    Distribution once used to be about a warehouse and a bookstore. It’s now about data and relationships. It’s not about putting up a website and walking away. It’s about personalized service that includes a human contact, and a phone number that isn’t buried several pages into the site.

    NetRead’s Distribution services utilizes the same software used by major North American book publishers for e-content distribution.

    By signing up with NetRead, you get the most advanced software in the industry, and a company with 12 years of industry relationships.

  • What happens once
    you are logged in:

    1: Download an Excel sheet

    2: In the Excel sheet, enter title information

    3: Upload Excel Sheet

    4: Upload Ebook Content (pdf, epub, and Kindle, OR upload for conversion)

    5: Upload cover image (jpg, jpeg, png)


    Getting started is simple

    Step 1: Create an Account—use the sign up form shown to the right

    Step 2: Agree to 2-year Contract—2nd step when creating an account

    Step 3: Proceed to Login Prompt

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    To sign up today for an account with our e-Distribution service, simply provide the required contact information shown in the “Sign Up NOW...” form to the right.

    The next step of the Sign Up process requires you to agree to a contract covering a two-year term. If you want to, click to review the contract terms.

    We’ll be in contact shortly after you complete Sign Up. Once approved, your content will appear on sites across the globe.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    7. Some sites charge nothing for conversion. Why?

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